"You always hurt the one you love"

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I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’ll make you a little deal: ‘Loser’ jumps into the lake after the game.

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Hannibal and Alana + season 1 quotes

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I don’t know about a motto to sum up entirely who I am, but one thing I’ve always lived by, and people try and convince me out of it, and I just don’t believe in it is, I’ve never been a dater. I’ve never gone on true dates before. Really, with anyone. I’ve had a few boyfriends before but I’ve never truly just gone on random dates. When people ask why, I’ve always said I feel like dates are like interviews, and I refuse to be romantically employed.

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The story that we saw was you liked [Sharknado] and then if they could figure out a clever way for you to get killed, you would consider being in it x

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Mal and Inara in ‘Out of Gas’

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no more crap, okay?

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Gifset of Matt Donavan" Requested by ellenagilborre

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